Themepark FAQs


  • When is Lost Island Themepark open? 

    Lost Island Themepark is open daily June through August, and weekends in September. Click here to see the current hours of operation and events. 

    If it rains, does Lost Island Waterpark close?

    Lost Island stays open in the rain! For everyone's safety, in the event of lightning, all water rides will be cleared for 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen. 

    No cash refunds will be given for inclement weather. 

    How do I get to Lost Island?

    Please click here for directions to the park from Waterloo and surrounding areas.

  • How much are tickets?

    Lost Island Themepark online ticket prices vary depending on the time of season and are only valid for the selected date. Online tickets are available for purchase until midnight of the night before. 

    Online Ticket Schedule Weekday Weekend
    May 6 - May 30 - $45
    June 3 - June 30 $45 $47
    July 1 - August 11 $47 $49
    August 12 - August 28 $46 $48
    September 2 - September 25 - $46

    Regular Gate Admission is $52 per person. For a list of tickets available at the gate, click here.

    Admission prices do not change based on time - the rates remain the same all day.

    What is included with my admission ticket?

    Your themepark admission includes all rides and attractions at Lost Island.

    How much is parking?

    Automated parking is available for $10/day or $15/day for oversize vehicles and campers. Bus parking available for groups. 

    Can unused tickets be refunded?

    All sales are final. 

  • How do I get a season pass for Lost Island Themepark?

    For the 2022 season, admission will only be available through daily tickets. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. 

    Are "family" passes available?

    All tickets and season passes to Lost Island are sold on a per person basis. For our opening season in 2022 we will not plan on having season passes available.

  • Do you offer any discounts for large groups?

    For the 2022 season, group packages will only be available at Lost Island Waterpark. 

  • Iowa summers can be unpredictable as far as weather so come prepared.  Depending on the weather you may need a light weight jacket.  July and August are traditionally very hot so wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses is important.  

    But don't worry Lost Island Themepark is home to the "Island Emporium" gift shop for all your needs. Located at the front entrance, you can find anything you may have forgotten like aspirin, water or a snack, an extra diaper and wipes, as well as a souvenir to take home. Lockers, strollers, and electric carts are available for rent at the front gate.  Lastly, don't forget to bring your sense of adventure!

    How can I pay for admission, food and souvenirs? Is there an ATM?

    Lost Island accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards at all registers. Admission tickets, Season Passes, and Gift Cards are also available for purchase online. The nearest ATM is located at Bamboo Ridge located on LaPorte Road. Corporate or organization checks are accepted at the front gate only for advanced, confirmed reservations.

    What if I forget something at home?

    If you forget something at home, please check Island Emporium located near the entrance. Our souvenir shop includes Lost Island merchandise along with sunglasses, diapers, sunscreen, aspirin and more!

  • What food is available for purchase at the Themepark?

    Lost Island Themepark has a variety of food options available. Checkout all of our restaurant locations on our Food & Drink page. 

    Can I bring in my own food and drinks? 

    Please keep glass and outside food & beverages from entering the park for allergy and safety reasons. Guests may bring in an empty personal water bottle and fill it at our bottle filling stations. 

    I have dietary restrictions. 

    Lost Island can accommodate a variety of requests for people with specific needs. For more information on available allergen friendly options, please contact us at (319) 455-6701.
    Lost Island has a wide selection of food to choose from such as hamburgers, french fries, pizza, salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken, ice cream, soft drinks, funnel cakes, and cookies. 

  • Are there height requirements for any of the rides?

    Yes. Most of our attractions have a height requirement. These requirements can be found on the Rides & Attractions and Safety & Rules pages of our website. The requirements are also located on signs at the entrance of each ride. 

    Is your park handicap accessible?

    Yes! Please call us at (319) 455-6701 for information regarding accessibility and accommodations. We will share which rides and attractions are appropriate for your abilities and will help you make the most of your visit. More accessibility details available here

    Lost Island Themepark does not have a rental reservation system and does not guarantee access to any overall rental equipment. Limited quantities of electric scooters, wheelchairs, and strollers are available. All rentals are on a first come, first served basis.

    Where are the best places to go with a toddler?

    Lost Island is fun for all ages! Check out Tamariki Realm especially for toddlers and younger guests, complete with a huge colorful inclusive playground area to romp in. Toddlers can also ride our carousel in the Awa Realm if accompanied by an adult.

    Is there a private space available to nurse a child?

    Guests may stop in Guest Services, located at the front entrance, to speak with a crew member to find a private space. 

    Is there shaded seating available?

    There are shaded areas located throughout the park. Shade sails are positioned near our snack kiosks and covered picnic pavilions are available near our major fast food areas.

  • Do you have overnight accomodations?

    Visit the Places to Stay page for local accomodations. 

  • Safety is a shared responsibility

    Lost Island offers a variety of activities for all ages. Height restrictions and rules are posted for all attractions. Respect fellow Guests.

    What if my party gets separated?

    Please designate a specific meeting spot and check-in times for your group. If a Guest cannot locate their child, one of our staff would be happy to help search for them. Should a Guest go missing for any length of time, our staff will use a description to locate the person through our video surveillance system.

    Where is the First Aid station located?

    The Lost Island First Aid Station is located past the Island Emporium Gift shop at the far end of the Volcano village.

    Are there strollers and electric carts available?

    Strollers, electric carts and wheelchairs are available to rent on a first come first serve basis from our rental shack located right by the front gate for the day.  The rates are as follows:  Single Stroller - $50 deposit $15/day, Double Stroller - $50 deposit/$20 per day, Wheelchair - $50 deposit/$15 per day, Electric Cart $100 deposit/$50 per day

    What about my eye glasses?

    Eye glasses may be worn on some attractions. We ask that all loose items be secured on our rides. Use your best judgement on roller coaster and high acceleration rides.  Lockers are also available.

    What about my valuables?

    All-day lockers are available on a first-come, first serve basis. There are three sizes to choose from, Small - $10, Large - $12, or Family - $15.  

    Can I bring my pet?

    The Lost Island family consists of several fur friends. However, for the safety of your pet and other guests, we ask that you leave your pet at home. With the exception of service animals for Guests with disabilities, pets are not permitted at Lost Island. Guests with special needs can call us for more information at (319) 455-6701.

    Does Lost Island check bags prior to entry?

    All bags are subjection to inspection prior to entry. Guests who have items that are not allowed inside Lost Island may either discard them at the entrance or return them to their vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, weapons, alcohol, outside food and beverage, coolers, or glass. Any guest refusing a bag inspection will not be permitted into Lost Island.

    Do you allow smoking  or vaping in the park?

    Lost Island is a non-smoking facility. We ask guests to exit the park and walk across the entry bridge to smoke or vape. 

    Are there height requirements for any of the rides?

    Yes. Most of our attractions have a height requirement. These requirements can be found on the Rides & Attractions and Safety & Rules pages of our website. The requirements are also located on the signs at the entrance of each ride. 

  • All lost items found at Lost Island are taken and stored at Guest Services, located at the front entrance. Items found in the park will be stored in Lost and Found for one week. 

    Call or stop at Guest Services during operational hours to check for your lost items.

  • Lost Island is proud to support the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas. All donation requests must be submitted online, October through April. Complete our Charitable Gift Application to be considered for a donation. 

  • Checkout our Contact Us page to submit a question or comment! 

    Call: (319) 455-6701

  • Parking is available at the Themepark for $10.00.  Oversize vehicles are $15.00.   All major credit cards are accepted as well as exact change(cash).

  • We do not state weight limits on our rides rather the ability to ride is based on an individual being able to be secured into the ride harness.  If an individual is too large for the harness they will not be allowed to ride.