Food & Drink

NEW! High Tide Pizza

Check out our new High Tide Pizza! We are serving up ​sizzling hot pizza with all your favorite toppings! Buy it by the slice or share a 14" with your friends and family. Maybe you want to add a zesty side salad to your meal. Mix and match flavors to satisfy every craving!

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Castaway Cafe

The tempting smell from our outdoor grill permeates the Island with grilled burgers, hot dogs, chicken and more. Also choose from juicy chicken tender bites and crispy fries or warm pretzels to snack on, there's something for every appetite!

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Tree Top Cafe

Join us at the Tree Top Cafe for lunch and enjoy a spectacular view overlooking the park. Here you will find your staple snacks like chicken bites, burritos, tacos, nachos or your choice of rice bowls! Come get it while it's hot!

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Barefoot Lounge

Grab a craft beer and a seat in the shade, overlooking the entire park! Featuring local craft beers on tap, including our EXCLUSIVE Lost Island Ale by Lark Brewing, Barefoot Lounge sits adjacent to our private deluxe cabanas. Entry onto the Barefoot Lounge deck is for guests 18 years or older, OR accompanied by a parent or adult.

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Fiji Fruits & Snacks

Fiji Fruits & Snacks is the perfect place to chill out! Meet your friends for an afternoon snack, located at the base of Tangerine Tempest, home to our famous Dippin Dots, Dole Whip from Hawaii, funnel cakes, shaved ice and sodas!

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Sulu Sweets & Libations

Our Sulu hut borders the wave pool, the most perfect place on the island to soak in the sun and scenery. Home to our specialty strawberry smoothie, as well as beverages of all types to quench your thirst (remember to bring your ID for alcoholic beverages).

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Do you have a dietary need, restriction, or allergy? Check out our Dietary and Allergen Guide. 

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