Making A Difference

Making a difference is part of the owner's and staff's operating philosophy at both Lost Island Waterpark and Lost Island Themepark.  

In 2017, the world was shocked by a viral video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose. Since then, we have seen stories of whales dying from ingesting obscene amounts of plastic garbage in Scotland (220lbs.), Italy (48lbs.), and the Phillipines (88lbs.). This flood of waste is destroying our oceans, lakes, and rivers along with the wildlife that inhabit those places.

Lost Island wants to reduce the damage single use plastics are causing to our planet. Our goal is to completely eliminate single use plastic from the park. We hope you will join us in reducing your own plastic consumption however you can!

Let's stop plastic pollution together.

Programs aimed at reducing waste:

Plastic straws and lids have been eliminated from both parks.

Refillable Oasis Mugs and reusable draft cups reduce our single-use plastic consumption.

Installed refillable bottle stations at every water fountain.

Stuffed toys and jewelry made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials are available at all gift shops.

All Lost Island properties recycle all cardboard, aluminum, and plastic containers. Help us send Every Bottle Back!

Other Green Efforts:

  • Lost Island Waterpark uses our pool backwash for irrigation.
  • Packaging for food items is made from cardboard or compostable material whenever possible.
  • Tables in Lost Island Themepark's Totara Market restaurant are made from locally sourced dead pine trees.
  • Waterloo/Lost Island KOA maintains a certified 7-acre wetland area for local wildlife.
  • Lost Island has planted over 1,000 trees on our properties over the years and will continue to plant more.