Charitable Gift Application

Lost Island is proud to support the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas. All donation requests must be submitted online October through April.

The following criteria must be met for applications to be considered:

Requests must be from non-profit organizations 501(c)(3) classifications and charities holding fundraisers. We are sorry, but we cannot accept donations for individuals or for-profit organizations.

  • Requests must be received at least 30 days before the event.
  • Only one (1) request per organization within a 12 month period.
  • Completed Donation Application with all required fields. 
School Donation Policy:

Schools are allowed to purchase up to 8 day passes for the waterpark and/or themepark at half price for school events.  This discount is for schools only.  


  • A letter on school letterhead describing the event along with the school's TAX ID #.
  • A check for the total number of tickets being purchased ($19.50 for each waterpark day pass/$26 for each themepark day pass).  
    • Mailed to: Lost Island Waterpark, Attn: Charitable Gifts, 2225 East Shaulis Rd, Waterloo IA 50701
      • All requests, waterpark or themepark, should be mailed to the address above.
    • Once payment has been received, your tickets will be sent to the address provided with the letter.
  • A combination of tickets can be purchased, max of 8 for each park. If purchasing tickets for each park - please include the number for each in the letter. 

FOR DONATIONS PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BELOW. Any missing information will lead to a denial of your request. 

Once your request has been processed we will contact you if we require any further information. Policies may change without notice.

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Donation Application