Standard Cabanas

Nothing Standard Here

Take your trip to the next level with reserved seating in one of our three Standard Cabana rental locations. 

The best meeting spot available!

Standard Cabanas can be found next to Tsunami Bay wavepool, Tahiiti Village, and Blue Iguana Lagoon. Standard Cabanas guarantee you a chair in the shade for the day. It's the perfect place for anyone who wants to stay out of the sun and still enjoy a trip to Lost Island. 

Amenities Include:

  • Attendant on duty
  • Shaded seating

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    • Requirements
    • All standard cabanas are wheelchair accessible
    • Capacity of 6 Guests
    • For additional fee, a max of 4 additional guests may be added
    • Location
    • Tsunami Bay Wavepool/Sulu
    • Tahiti Village
    • Blue Iguana Lagoon
  • Menu
  • Checkout the exclusive menu cabana guests can order from, directly through your attendant on duty

Know Before You Go